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Perseids......Frosty Morning, Redhill Common...So long, been good to know ya......Jimmy WrenThis doesn't look like London any more....Snowy LDNP Oak....againHave you counted me yet?LDNP Oak as Rorschach?...or just the end of the beginning?The beginning of the end?Young GSWBindweed eater!Robin ChickGreen Eggs UpdatePeacock on ChivesGreen ham!GoldfinchBack to the FutureHolly BlueLDNP Oak back in leaf....Long Tailed TitAbstract?Swan, sleeping...Comma sunbathingYoung HeronsEgyptian Goose and GoslingsFirst ChicksFour!Half a Super MoonSun or Moon?Make like a tree...FoxyGreenfinchCrazy FrogsMmmm...caterpillarSnowdropsRobin CatkinsSeason's Greetings to allOld EclipseIce, Ice , Icy!Winter Coat Time?Brrrr.....GoldieHoney FungusBy Jupiter!This bird has flownSpooky50Not porcelainWelcome to my worldPavement 'shroomsCome fly with meLDNP Oak againSpiky!Dreams workCagedZiggy?EmeraldAcornsHoverfly landingGatekeeperCinnabar MothYoung Starling posingLadybirdsWorking Mother!Young Blue TitCommon Garden (or Allotment) SnailLittle GrebeCootletsSticklebacks for father's dayMr & Mrs Banded DemoiselleBye!Feed Me!!!A Central London MeadowYoung WoodyCommon Blue Butterfly suppingViper's BuglossGive me!!!Have you cast your clouts yet?They're back!LDNP Oak againYoung HeronsHow do you like your eggs in the morning?BluebellsHeffalump?Nest buildingForgetmenotReliant RobinPeacock ButterflyBullfinchesWhen's the Stork coming?ThreeSmall TortoiseshellCan you tell what it is yet?ColtsfootSigns of spring?Star TrailsBlue sky thinkingBlue titsOpen SnowdropsThe Tufty Club?CatkinsHidingSnowdropJay FeatherRound Blue TitNot there!Silver Birch in the snowScary DucksFrosted BarkFeed the birdsIce, Ice, Maybe?Killer!Little Grebe FishingSplash!SnowingLDNP Oak under snow againSeason's GreetingsFreeze Thaw Freeze ThawMmmm, mwormsLDNP Oak in b&wSquirrelLDNP oak bare at sunrise..and now her leaves have fallenShaggy ParasolSomewhere.....SparrowhawkAlmost nakedYoung CormorantBeefsteak fungusNice gullsSnowberriesKingfisherShaggy Inkcap / Lawyer's WigPlaneStill GreenI was sleeping!49?LDNP Oak under grey skiesOuch!Honey FungusHedgehog HibernatingSpider and FlyRosehipsLast Dragon?Flag Iris SeedsLittle GrebeRosebay Willow Herb Seed-headsMating MigrantsMigrant in FlightLast Nectar?FeatherLast Butterfly of the year?LDNP Oak golding....Juvenile Great Crested GrebeCommon Field GrasshopperA good year for the spiders?Chicken of the WoodsBusy Bee...and then there were three.....Bobbing Little GrebeVapourer Moth CaterpillarPrickly Sow ThistleWitch's Cauldron?Knopper GallMyxomatosis and a rabbitWasp Spider againA pregnant LDNP OakLDNP Oak: Special NewsForward planningCommon ToadflaxReflectionsMeadow BrownPurple step at a timeBroken WingFree Food!Emerald DamselflyChicoryWasp SpiderPecking OrderFour Spotted ChaserRosebay WillowhwerbPurple HairstreakWoody NightshadeRuddy DarterJuvenile ShelducksOak Marble GallsCommon Darter DragonflyThistle or Cabbage?Blurred RagwortBlack Tailed Skimmer DragonflyCoot Family (again)Next Generation?PoppiesLarge SkipperMale Great Spotted WoodpeckerNow where?Time to leave....MoonSmall Skipper on thistle flowerLDNP Oak in SummerFemale Broad Bodied ChaserThistle FlowerYoung JayOvipositing EmperorPeacock CaterpillarsDew dropsLittle Egrets growing upHarlequin LadybirdThe Scruffiest Long Tailed Tit ever?Banded Demoiselle a-flutteringLightning misses LDNP TowersCrab SpiderGreat RamshornHidingLost and foundCommaFather's dayA good year for the daisiesLoners and the crowdGrey SquirrelMadame-DemoiselleFeather GamesHelicoptersDamselfly WheelLadybird LarvaA Ladybird between the rain showers....Foxgloves in the rainBanded DemoiselleTwo legs good....Broad Bodied ChaserLittle Egret Feeding TimePainted LadyAzolla!Common Blue ButterfliesLittle Egret ChicksLanding stripShelduck with youngFern's SporangiaFernRemote Control StarlingsBee on Flag IrisForget-me-notBlue Tailed DamselflyDandelion clockMy god, it's full of stars..............Upside down PeacockShelducks with nestButtercupsLarge Red DamselflyGreylag Goose in flightBetween a leaf and a woody placeYoung Herons (3)Nature always finds a way...Empty ExuviaMixed BathingCoot FamilyCormorant ProfileWater HawthornHover BovverCoot Nest-buildingSpeckled WoodBluebells 2009 part 2LDNP Oak back in leafBluebells 2009 part 1Pond SkaterYoung HeronsHarlequin Ladybird and BluebellGreat Crested GrebesDandelionA lorra lorra tadpolesDead Nettle FlowersRuddy DuckCowslipsFocusSize of squirrel's ears?Hornbeam flowersPeacock Butterfly baskingLDNP Oak and Crow's NestHalf of the MoonDamselfly LarvaJenny WrenComfreyCormorant ConstructionsMooo?Cloud 8 and Blue Sky ThinkingBlue TitWe are familyCabbage White ButterflyLittle Egrets, nest-buildingView from LDNP OakSelf portrait in a frog's eyeBad feather day?Spawn AgainNestbuilding HeronYellowFirst Spawn and Proud ParentsSwan downHerons in loveDunnockFemale House SparrowMale House SparrowThe Gathering beginsLong Tailed TitMossStarlingWillow and the towers of Canary WharfFoxy LoxyColt's FootDabchickGreat Crested GrebesYou said "I do"!Snowdrops with blue skyArgh, Jim Lad!Snowdrops:Worm's Eye ViewOpen snowdropsFroggy signs of springValentine's WillowWaitingFrostyFrostySnowdrops againCandlesnuff fungiSun or moonLDNP Oak under snow againBlue titSnowy Sister Oak?Snowdrop spearsTealCold againKingfisherSleeping OakStand like an Egypitian (Goose)Whispering grassRSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2009: LDNP resultsHazel CatkinsRobin reminderEh?Mallards not biting one anotherPussy WillowSpeedy GrebeeOuch!!Heron in flightJust how thick is the ice?Cold FrontIciclesMillennium Dome Moss?Common SnipeFrozen Fallen BirchIce, ice, icyNew Year, New ViewDead woodHappy ChristmasWeirdPied WagtailLDNP OakYou said it would be warmer here!Frosted Cup FungiDown in the frozen forestGoldcrest?Frosted Flag Iris FoliageMushroom GillsFlyingFrost on Oak leafLDNP Oak...from the other sideChaffinchMore mushroomsWhat a grey day (dinosaur)Don't go!Wavy Funnel?Bird food....Time to leafBlackbirdGrey SquirrelAn ex-treeRobin returnsLDNP Oak in situChinese or African GooseLDNP Oak......againGeesed to meet you....Island LifeGreat Crested Grebe....what big feet you haveHoney Fungus in situHoney Fungus (with less depth of field)More Honey FungusGreenfinchLDNP OakChoklit?Wandering GullsFor the leaves they are a-fallin'Harts Tongue FernWhere's the rest of them?BonnetsCormorant in treeGiant GooseLDNP Oak catch-up48Throwing shapesRazorstropWood for the treesAny perch will doSilver BirchDabchick...yet againClouded FunnelLeaves turningAnother Small Copper!EarthballGreat Crested Grebe huntingDew dropsEggsesHoney FungusLDNP Oak...starting to turnFinal Dragon of the year?Moss on rootsShaggy Inkcap (again)Oak Silk Button Spangle GallShaggy InkcapRosehipsCommon PuffballSpiky!Juvenile Little GrebeEnglish Oak AcornDopey WaspOrange BoleteSentryShaggy ParasolConkers!Woody NightshadeWild Asters?KingfisherLDNP Oak....catch upMigrant Hawker OvipositingYoung StarlingSmall CopperDead Nettle FlowerThe BackswimmerPond ReflectionsChicoryLily Pad with RaindropsWasp Spider Egg SacCommon Darter in flightClover..not yet openYoung Female Great Spotted WoodpeckerHorsetailsPond skaterGatekeeper butterfly (yet again)Water BoatmanWasp Spider (2)Gatekeeper butterflyFemale Ruddy DarterFemale Common BlueCreeping CinquefoilMale Ruddy DarterBumble Bee on RagwortJuvenile Great Crested GrebeMale Common Blue Butterfly (2)Wasp SpiderOuch!Cooter?Male Common Blue ButterflyGreen LacewingCinnabar Moth Caterpillars on RagwortCommon SandpiperFemale Common DarterWindswept Purple HairstreakYoung PochardWind in the....... ReedsDivingRosebay WillowherbLonghorn BeetleSmall CopperRose ChaferHeron, StalkingCommon Darter (again)TansyCoot and youngSix Spot Burnet MothFringed Water LilyThe Emperor and the Common BlueGreen WoodpeckerStonecrop (again)Male Emerald DamselflyPied WagtailTeasel in flowerEmperor DragonflyFemale Great Spotted WoodpeckerPurple Hairstreak (again)Brimstone ButterflySmall SkipperGatekeeper ButterflyWild Forget-Me-NotPurple HairstreakGrass flowerBlue Tailed DamselfliesBlack Backed Gull in flightCan you see us?Viper's BuglossCommon DarterCricketGreat Spotted WoodpeckerPupa : Can you tell what it is yet?StonecropCinnabar MothSelfhealMale Azure Damselfly - Close-upFoxglove againSand MartinsPoppy Seed-headYoung Long Tailed tit (2)Peacock CaterpillarsPoppyYoung Long Tailed TitEmerald DamselflyBee Orchid (2)Common CarpPoppy seedheads in evening glowLarge SkipperBee OrchidTime to leaveLittle Little EgretsMature Male Broad Bodied Chaser DragonflyKnapweed : MidsummerGreat Crested Grebe feeding (again)Lily BeetleAmongst the flowersYoung Blue TitBird's Foot TrefoilA tale of three tailsWildflowersRed Eared TerrapinsSpanish BluebellHarlequin LadybirdGreat Crested Grebe feeding youngHogweedYoung GoldfinchAzure Damselflies MatingGreat Crested Grebe with YoungGoldfinchButtercupsBeeline?Wait for me!Crab SpiderGrowing Up*Ladybird LarvaOpen FoxglovesFeed Me (2)OvipositingBudding foxglovesFemale Common PochardWhat's that Mum?SalsifyLarge Red Damselfly (again)Bladder CampionFreshly Emerged Broad Bodied Chaser DragonflyCanadian FamilySpeckled Wood ButterflyHitching a ride.Large Red DamselflyShadders?Great Crested Grebe on nestCast your clouts!Fluffy GoslingLDNP Oak in leaf againCommon TernPegasus Fern?Ugly CootlingBaby Smooth NewtSurvivorSpringtime for Little LadybirdsA Wood between the worlds?Wood PigeonLDNP Oak in budDunnockIvy on barkMagpie and HeronPeacock on Bluebell16 seconds later....Coots fightingCourting CootsBluebells againWaspBroom in BloomNose Clip?Honesty SeedheadPregnant Blue TitBeware of the Flowers....Speedy Gon-Grebos?Budding BluebellsMmmm, wormsSeedlingLittle EgretYoung Black Back GullSycamoreHeronry UpdateOpen ComfreyOverexposedBirch Catkins in the snowOak in SnowBumble Bee and DandelionDandelionPeacock ButterflyBudding ComfreyCommon KingfisherWild GarlicMore young heronsNew Season's Flag IrisesYoung HeronsMoss growing thin on non-rolling stoneChaffinch (again)Competition TimeBig FootJenny WrenCowslipsDishevelledBirch Catkins (3)Don't Look Back!Oak BudsChaffinch SingingBeech LeavesYoung GullHoney BeeGreat Crested GrebeCommon Pochard (2)Common PochardRaindropsRobin's Nest UpdateMurder?Common Shelducks in FlightBlackthornCormorantry?Frog spawnGrey HeronAmplexusGreen WoodpeckerAlder CatkinsNest-building!Is it worth it?The Frogs returnForsted GorsePussy Willow againMute SwansFrozen BulrushesLong Tailed TitTreesGreat Crested Grebes dancingOak before DawnSiskin (3)Holly (sans Ivy) 2Early morning HeronPussy Willow againValentine's Snowdrop?Siskin UpdateSnowdrops (3)Pixie Cup LichenNorthern ShovelersSpringtime?Ruddy Duck (2)Swans againCanada GeeseSnowdrops (2)GoldfinchSiskinSwan Up?Snowdrops (1)Fox on the strollThe Chosen Gull?RobinLadybird, LadybirdGoose DownCatkinsLondon SparrowCanada Geese in flightBirch Polypore (2)The Tufty Club?Heronry (2)Hairy Curtain Crust'ere be 'eronsGreat Crested Grebe in Winter PlumageHunter!An absence of  AbscissionWind in the ReeedsBirch CatkinsFirey FernCan you see what it is yet?5 DucksBlue TitCommon GanodermaGreen Finch in the rainTiger Moth CaterpillarWinter HeliotropeBranched Oyster MushroomsFlowering MossBurning Oak?Variable OysterlingNew Year HeronLondon Plane Tree SeedsFrosted Leaves (3)Son of Oak?Nice GullsFrosted Mussel ShellsRorschach Oak?Holly (sans Ivy)Frosted Oak Leaf (2)Tinsel?DawnFrosted Oak Marble GallsFantastic Mister FoxFrosted GrassDabchick (4)Oak Tree (7)Birch PolyporeCormorant (2)Common Reed (2)Tufted DuckDead NettleCygnetsBolete (2)BoleteGreat Crested Grebe (2)Bracket Fungus (2)Oak Tree (6)Oak Spangle GallRuffing FungiElizabetham Ruff Collars?Oak Tree (5)Crow in FlightAmethyst DeceiverSparrowhawkOak Tree (4)Frosted Oak LeavesStump Puffball releasing sporesFrosted GrassLunar ViewGreat TitTawny Funnel (2)Oak BranchCommon TealCommon PuffballFrosty Grass and Autumnal Silver BirchesFrosted GorseOut of season?Grass at dawnCygnet / Ugly DucklingFairy RingOak Tree (3)Daddy Long Legs (2)Mute SwanSulphur TuftFirey OakKestrelGreat Crested GrebeBonnet  / Bell CapGrey HeronWhole world in a dew drop?Crow DawnCootsTawny FunnelSwan Family at DawnHedgehog HibernatingOak Tree (2)JayIncoming!Shaggy ParasolGrey SquirrelDandelion Clock with DewWhat's this then?MagpieTreesChaffinchGreat Willowherb 2 (Not spider's webs)More Spider's Webs!Spider's WebNot quite autumn?Great Pond SnailGreylag GooseBracket FungusCommon DarterDandelion ClockWoodlouseBunch of FlowersMigrant Hawker (3)Oak TreeWolf SpiderLast Dragon?TeaselWhat's that then?...part 2What's that then?Wild MallowSmall White Butterfly on BuddleiaSnail Motel?Snow Berry (Man)Oak LeafCommon or Garden SpiderCommon Water Flag Iris (3)CormorantRobinEmperor DragonflyNice Pigeon?Water Lily (2)Blue TitClover (2)Speckled Wood Butterfly (3)Common ReedEdible FrogRosehipsBee Mimic : HoverflyPurple LoosestrifeCommon Field GrasshopperConkersTwo headed swan?HornbeamGreenflyHeronDabchick (3)Hiding?Horsetails (2)What Butterflies do in the rain (3): Eating and sheltering in one!Crooked AcornsWhat Butterflies do in the rain (2): Head downWasp Spider (6): Egg SackWhat Butterflies do in the rain (1): Head upPlantainDaddy Long LegsElderberriesGrey WagtailWoody Nightshade (2)Migrant HawkerMr & Mrs Wasp SpiderGatekeeper Butterfly (2)Meadow Brown Butterfly (2)Ruddy Darter (3)Asparagus BeetleBarred Yellow MothSoldier BeetleSo much scummy pond weed, so little time!Wasp Spider (5)By Jimminy?Peacock on BuddleiaLonghorn BeetleTansyRuddy Darter (mature male)Wasp Spider (4)SloesWasp Spider (3)Great WillowherbThe Stork Miller MothShield BugsYoung MoorhenAsparagus Beetle LarvaeGreenfinch (2)Everyone loves Blacberries!White Tailed Bumblebee sheltering on RagwortEmerging Large Red DamselflyHawthorn BerriesSmall SkipperGreat Bald TitPeep BoThick Legged Flower BeetleBurnet CompanionWasp Spider (2)Cinnabar Moth CaterpillarSmall CopperTuberous PeaBaby Wasp SpiderForget-me-notGatekeeper ButterflyMeadow Brown ButterflyDabchick ChickRed AdmiralThistleLacewingYoung Blue TitPainted LadyMale Emerald DamselflyWait for Me!!!! (Pochard and chick)Long Jawed Spider (again)Water LilyRuddy Darter (recently emerged)Small Tortoiseshell Caterpillar?Young JayFive Spot Burnet MothsMale Common Blue ButterflyBindweedWhite Lipped Banded SnailWhich Caterpillar?Young RobinVapourer Moth CaterpillarYoung Mistle ThrushFinally... a frog is bornEmerald DamselflyCranesbillMother Shipton MothLadybird LarvaeBaby MoorhenTadpoles (4)...Four legs goodCommon BistortSo long, must bee goingCinnabar MothLarge Red Damselfly (2)Now eat your greens!Woody NightshadeLadybird PupaSnake in the...PondSome more grassA Rose by any other name?Blue Tailed Damselflies....matingAnother Harlequin LadybirdGrass in DockBroad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (6)Shadders?  On me lungs?Little arrows...Proud Father BlackbirdYellow LadybirdCloverSpidersSalsify (2)Young StarlingSalsify!Pigeon Toed?NewtAzure DamselfliesCommon Water Flag Iris (2)Tadpoles (3)...Two legs better....Marsh MarigoldAlkanetCaddisflyCandied Popcorn?Speckled Wood Butterfly (2)Common Water Flag Iris (1)Nice Gull?Comma (2)Feed Me!Comfrey (again)Wild FlowersBroad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (5)Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (4)Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (3)Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (2)Ruddy DuckBroad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (1)Elephants and the Native Bluebell (4)Greenfinch WatchingOdd One Out : Native Bluebell (3)Large Red DamselflyNative Bluebell (2)Native Bluebell (1)Speckled Wood ButterflyFirst DucklingTeazelOrange Tip ButterflyHazel CatkinsPussy Willow (5) with Blue TitTadpoles (2)RapeWakey, WakeyOak Apple (2)DamselflyHybrid BluebellReed BuntingPussy Willow (4)HorsetailsIs that really what I look likeBrackenPussy Willow (3)DabchickPussy Willow (2)TadpolesDon't jumpOak Apple / MarbleDung beetleBulrushesPeacockCommaHe aint heavy....Pregnant?Sticky BudNestbuildingBlackthornHarlequin LadybirdPussy WillowIn the Beginning....(frogspawn)