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...or just the end of the beginning?
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It appears to have been a very good year for acorns and not just on the LDNP Oak. Indeed it's been a pretty good year for lots of fruits, one of our best years ever for raspberries and blackberries even if the seasons were unusually timed. So, maybe these acorns mark a sort of start for at least the thought of a new nature blog even though the actual departure from London is a few months off. I'm still thinking of a name but today anyway marks (finally) the commencement of building works on the annexe to my mother's house and only when that is finished will be moving to commuterworld. The challenge for the new nature blog will be less obvious, the whole point of this one was to show what wonderful nature and wildlife we had in dreary grey London (apparently London is now the world's second most visited wildlife safari destination*). I don't want to make the new one Surrey specific so I'm hoping to be able to make it a bit more of a nationwide affair....but time will tell. Today also marks the 21st birthday of our elder did we get to that so soon? Happy birthday Dee! * This may not be true. Apologies to the eight of you whose comments were accidentally deleted ( I had read and appreciated all!) and for the fact that I've had to turn comment moderation on, both due to an ongoing Spam invasion. Canon EOS 5D Mark II
105 mm
400 ISO
1/800 sec
f 4
Flash: Not Fired