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Comments(9) # Four! london e17

Yes, it's four years since I first posted a photo at what was then the London Daily Nature Photo Blog (which means it must be the first day of spring again!). I managed daily postings for eighteen months and since then it's become somewhat more sporadic hence the name change. There'll be another change at some point this year as we leave LDNP towers (though not for our planned rural idyll type thing just yet) but in the meantime please join me in blowing out the fork 'andles and making wishes and I hope you've enjoyed the first four years as much as I have. Thanks to all visitors and even more to the commenters. Have a piece of virtual cake on me. Share and enjoy! Canon EOS 5D Mark II
150 mm
200 ISO
1/2500 sec
f 2.8
Flash: Not Fired