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Comments(5) # Bye! london e10

Mrs.LDNP, my mother and I have flown off to the wonderful Isles of Scilly for a week. Following that, after two days back in London, Mrs.LDNP and I are off to France with our two girls plus 1,000,009 of her immediate family (plus EWWHAGs) for a couple of weeks, so, although I have saved a few photos up for you, posting will continue to be somewhat disparate for the next few weeks (plus ça change, eh?). Have a good time! If you're bored try this Webcam, which is situated just a stones throw from the hotel we'll be in. At some point I will come and look back at you! (Oh, the photo is of a Blue Tit not sitting still for me) Canon EOS-1D Mark III
731 mm
400 ISO
1/125 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired