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Comments(15) # Bullfinches london , well surrey RH2 actually

The first ever photo from outside the London boundaries....but I think you'll forgive me this once. My father, a regular visitor to this site, was rightly proud of these two, just one of the three pairs of Bullfinches that came to the feeder in his front garden every day. Sadly, though the Bullfinches are still visiting he's not there to watch although I have been quite a lot lately. Just over three weeks ago he was taken into hospital with breathing difficulties and despite the best efforts of the wonderful staff there, just under three weeks ago, he died with my mother, brother, sister and me at his side. He had a long standing love of nature and indeed, particularly in his younger years was pretty good with a camera too. Without the early practice I had with his cameras as a child I'm sure I'd never have been taking photos today. For this and so much more, cheers pa. Canon EOS-1D Mark III
320 mm
400 ISO
1/160 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired