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Comments(15) # Three london e10 the number of years this blog has now been going. the number of frogs currently in our garden pond. This is much lower than we'd usually expect this time of year, and still no spawn either (though some has just appeared in the allotment pond). LDNP started with a photo of some spawn and I'm hoping, unlikely though it is, that this frog was derived from that very egg. also the approximate number of posts you get each month from me these days. Hence I've renamed the blog "The London Nature Photo Blog". There's a certain oak less than happy about name changes at this stage of her life but there you go. I'll make no pretence at even almost daily postings from now on but I intend to continue posting London's nature now and again for as long as I remain in the capital. Yinormous thanks (and indeed vodkas to those not on rat poison) to all of you who call by with doubles to the commenters. Have several slices of a very delicious virtual double chocolate cake on me. Cheers. 9:30hrs update: The frogs have left us with a third birthday present! Overnight, spawn has appeared in our garden pond. 16:00hrs update: The allotment frogs are not impressed. There is over a square metre of spawn in that pond now and at least 17 frogs squatting proudly on it. Canon EOS-1D Mark III
150 mm
400 ISO
1/800 sec
f 2.8
Flash: Not Fired