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Cinnabar Moth
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Perhaps you need to have known me for quite some time to see straight away why this might be one of my favourite meurths. For those more recently introduced, suffice to say that, there was a time, in the early 1980's when, I only wore red and black. 'nuff said? The Cinnabar Moth is a day flying moth unlike the vast majority of UK and indeed London moths. Also, unlike many moths, it's pretty easy to identify. The colouration also serves as a warning to would be predators that these are poisonous creatures in both the caterpilar and adult phases. The poison comes from the food plants of the caterpillar, ragwort and groundsel, which are rich in alkaloids. These are stored in a form which is non-toxic to the insect but harmful to birds, mammals and lizards that might otherwise take a shine to one. The poison is passed on through the pupae to the adult moth. Incidentally, this is the first Moth on London Daily Nature Photo...another one coming soon though..... Canon EOS 5D
150 mm
400 ISO
1/200 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired