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Comments(8) # Sparrowhawk london e10

Just as the Beeb are reporting that bird populations can be assessed by their song rather than netting it becomes apposite to bring you this Sparrowhawk which visited LDNP towers earlier in the which point the normally noisy garden fell totally silent. I don't know how often she visits, I've seen her four or five times over the years and managed to get a photo twice. On this occasion I walked into the kitchen to see her sitting in the willow tree next to the bird feeder and she sat there just long enough for me to run upstairs, grab the camera, change the lens and run back down again before, after I'd fired off a couple of shots through a rather smeary window, fly off again. I don't think she had a mid-morning snack whilst here and the more normal garden bird population were back on the feeder within a few minutes. Always nice to see, anyway. Canon EOS-1D Mark III
400 mm
400 ISO
1/80 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired