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A Great Tit's I think but not 100%. Apologies again for the tardiness of posting, just when I thought I was going to get back to an approximation of a daily service our set-top box stopped giving us an internet connection. Virgin insist it's all of my computers and not their box yet somehow these same computers work with other broadband connections.......they eventually agreed to a new two weeks time. Add to that the fact that I'm off to France for a bit on Monday and it seems unlikely tat there'll be full daily postings again for quite some time. Nevertheless I do have a few images from the last couple of weeks tat I want to share so there are at least a week or so's posting that I can upload now (three doors down from LDNP towers at LDNPMIL towers!). Canon EOS-1D Mark III
150 mm
200 ISO
1/300 sec
f 11
Flash: Fired