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Snake in the...Pond
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When I first came up with the idea of this Daily London Nature Photo Blog thing I had a vague idea of the sort of things that would definitely find their way in. This included some of the creatures that maybe other people might not be expecting. I have, after all, lived in London for twenty something years and have been taking photos of it for most of that time with at least one eye to nature. I knew there'd be flowers and trees, butterflies & moths, damsels and dragons, frogs and toads, birds of all shapes and sizes and maybe even one day a mammal (we will get round to those soonish) but I did not expect to be bringing you one of these. It may be only a Grass Snake and they're not really all that rare but I have to admit I have never before seen one in London and don't think I've seen one at all since I was a child. So it was lovely to come across this chap the other day. They're very accomplished swimmers and this one was presuambly greatly enjoying the large number of frogs and toads that this pond also supports. Canon EOS 5D
330 mm
400 ISO
1/800 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired