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Small Skipper on thistle flower
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Walk through any long grass around here at this time of year and you'll almost certainly disturb some small meurth-like orangey-brown butterflies. They're Skippers and in this case it's a Small Skipper (though they're all much smaller than most of the UK's other butterflies). Around here we also have Large Skippers and Essex Skippers but the three are most easily distinguished by examination of their antennae which is a lot easier from a photo than just with the naked eye. The Large Skippers have hooked antennae and the Essex Skippers have non-hooked antennae which are black underneath. So now you know. Though they're perhaps most obvious amongst the long grass they also love thistle flowers. I have almost identical photos of various Skippers in France, Greece, Singapore and New Zealand. Canon EOS-1D Mark III
150 mm
400 ISO
1/640 sec
f 7.1
Flash: Not Fired