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Lightning misses LDNP Towers
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Hah, missed me, evil Emperor Ming! Hail and lightning here yesterday afternoon as almost an inch of rain fell in under an hour. This is a lot for London and I think that sheet lightning (cloud to cloud) is more common in the UK so it was rather thrilling to watch the occasional spike of forked lightning like this one which I think came to earth in the hospital just a few hundred yards away (certainly the thunder was right behind it, almost no elephants at all). What I need for my next attempt at lightning photography is an open window as the one this one was shot through was more like a waterfall than a window which doesn't do much for sharp photographs. The small globes of light are illuminated raindrops, similar to those you'll see when using a flash gun in the rain. Canon EOS 5D
40 mm
125 ISO
3.2 sec
f 22
Flash: Not Fired