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Young Herons (3)
Comments(3) # Young Herons (3) london e17

We've seen these young Herons twice before (there are still three but the third is out of shot) and at first glance it would appear that they've now very definitely entered the Heron equivalent of the sullen teenage years but, since they can't get hoodies to hide their heads under, they've opted to instead stow their heads beneath their wings. The large number of dots in the photo perhaps gives a reason for doing this other than just being sullen. Those dots are flies, the whole Heronry is swarming with thousands of them, presumably this has something to do with the large volume of Heron droppings all over the place what with there being a few hundred young herons not yet being able to fly elsewhere to spread the guano. I wonder if it's the flies that eventually make them leave the nest or just that the parents finally stop feeding them? Canon EOS-1D Mark III
800 mm
400 ISO
1/400 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired