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Yellow Ladybird
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Never having seen a ladybird like this before I was almost certain that this was another non-native Harlequin when I came across it. It's small size (3-4mm), however, suggested probably not. A quick check on getting home confirmed it as the 14-spot ladybird Propylea 14-punctata, a common native to the South of England. Often seen resting on vegetation, according to my book. Well, it must be tiring being a ladybird.... particularly one with 14 spots. I've seen several more since.... strange, none for 46 years and then they're swarming by. (Update 14:50 hrs)..... I'm not normally a stats nut but I guess the miserable Bank Holiday weather here is bringing in more visitors than usual today...sorry it can't be a sunnier photo for you! Canon EOS 5D
65 mm
200 ISO
1/200 sec
f 16
Flash: Fired