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Bluebells 2009 part 1
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I spent nearly two hours yesterday morning stting amongst the Bluebells of Wanstead Park. It's not a very large Bluebell wood so I didn't really move around much but there just seems to be something magical about being amongst them (and I'm not generally a fan of blue). Talking of the colour, they're not really blue, are they? As a species the native Bluebell varies from a very definite purple though lilac and almost blue with the occasional white one thrown in too. Getting the colour right on film used to be a major chore and though it should be easier with digital I'm never quite certain that I've got the colour exactly right. For yesterday's session I went to extraordinary lengths (ish) and took along my ColorChecker card and created a custom profile for the camera specially for yesterday's light in the dappled shade of Wanstead Park's Bluebell Wood. It was an interesting exercise but I'm not sure it really made that much of a difference to the final output since I always tweak things to my taste anyway. Nevertheless, I think this first shot is a pretty accurate representation, colour-wise and note that the flowers aren't one solid colour anyway but actually a main body of lilacky blue with a darker purple stripe/vein. And that's just from this angle caught by the flash, the colours are deeper when photographed with the sun behind the camera and different again when shot facing the sun. Oh, and they change colour as they age too. There will, as you've probably guessed, be further Bluebell shots this week, most probably with a bit more punch than this rather washed out pastel one which I liked at the time but have now gone off. Canon EOS-1D Mark III
150 mm
400 ISO
1/200 sec
f 4
Flash: Fired