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Self portrait in a frog's eye
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So, we've now had two years of LDNP (or LaDNP as it should be called these days). Thanks to all who visit whether every day or sporadically and double thanks to those of who comment, blogging is something one does for one's own amusement but it is always pleasing to see it give others some pleasure too. Thanks to all of you. My initial personal challenge was to post a photo of London's nature for a whole year and I managed about 18 months before missing a day. I'll admit that during the past few months I started to become a little jaded by the whole thing, mainly because of the weather as it's been a particularly 'orrible winter. The other issue has been one of repetition, covering nature I suppose it's always going to be cyclic but some days it really does seem like I'm just covering what I did last year (or the one before). But now it's spring, the sun is shining and for the moment at least we can enjoy the LDNP birthday cake. You did get your virtual piece didn't you? Canon EOS-1D Mark III
150 mm
400 ISO
1/60 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired