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Foxy Loxy
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I think my fascination with foxes comes from a book I (like many others I'm sure) had as a child in which stupid Chicken-Licken believes that the sky is falling, following an acorn falling on her head. For those not aware of this ancient tale, she then manages to convince many other animals of the truth of her belief until kind Foxy Loxy offers them the option of sheltering in his lair....I can't remember what happened in my book's version next. I know in some tellings there is one wise animal that rescues them all but in others Foxy Loxy gets a right royal feast. Either way I've always found it a wonderful cautionary tale on the folly of blind belief based on very little, running with the crowd and, most specifically, not to believe anything a chicken ever says to you. Probably best not to go into a fox's lair either. Anyway, we still have a fair few foxes around here and one has to admire a species that can adapt to an environment so obviously different from the one it first evolved in. Of course I'm sure the chicken keepers amongst you feel slightly different...... Canon EOS 40D
400 mm
400 ISO
1/640 sec
f 7.1
Flash: Not Fired