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Comments(0) # Salsify! london e17

So here we are back in the East End.....scary up West, wasn't it? Anyway, I must confess I dont think I've seen this plant before I came across its delightful purplish flowers a couple of weeks ago. I could see they looked very much like Goat's-beard (exept of course those are all, as Mr.Paltrow might say, yellow) and assumed it was just some natural variation of this. However, when I got home and checked in the wildflower key I learnt that no, it is a completely different (albeit) related species. A plant originally from the mediterranean and only found in the South East and mainly near the Thames apparently..... no idea how it ended up on this bit of land near the North Circular. Pretty though, isn't it? A full frontal of it in a day or two I think. Canon EOS 5D
150 mm
400 ISO
1/3200 sec
f 4
Flash: Not Fired