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Pigeon Toed?
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Sorry.....really, really, sorry but what else can you call it? Anyway, I've been somewhat concerned that my constant coverage of the wildlife and pretty flowerage of East London has been turning my little corner of Londres into the next must-visit location for those who've already the done the African safaris and now seek thrills in a more urban(e) setting. Thus I've ventured, just for today, right into the centre of town to Traflagar Square (or Traffy as our eldest tells me the yoofs call it). And what else would we find in Ken's Pigeon free zone but a pigeon sitting on the toe of my favourite (by far) London statue, that of Alison Lapper. Back East tomorrow. Canon EOS 5D
400 mm
400 ISO
1/4000 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired