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Snowy Sister Oak?
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I'm sure you were expecting to see the LDNP Oak shrouded in snow today but no, this is one of her sisters. It was going to be the LDNP Oak but I rather liked the snow blown up the trunk on this one, so here she is. On the subject of the LDNP Oak, Uphilldowndale asked how old I thought she was (LDNP Oak, not Uphill'). Well I don't know but, after looking around, I found this document relating an Oak's girth to its age. Sadly, today I forgot to take a bit of string with me and all my brief hug of the tree and knowing my arm span suggests, is that she's well over 100. Next time I go I'll perform a more accurate measurement and let you all know just how old she is. Guesses most welcome in the meantime....there have been quite a lot of photos of her by now! Yes, for those not in the know, it snowed rather a lot in London yesterday. The whole place ground to a halt. Ah, well. Canon EOS 5D
40 mm
320 ISO
1/250 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired