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Comments(2) # Newt london e10

I hate posting pictures of things when I don't know what they are. Yet I'm only 90% sure that this is the Common, aka Smooth, Newt. There's a slim chance that it is a Palmate Newt, though the spots under her chin (that you can't see in this photo) suggest not. I am sure that it's not a Great Crested Newt, which is a shame as they're very rare and would be nice to find one in the garden (though many folk mis-identify the Smooth Newt in its aquatic phase as a Great Crested as it has a crest at that time). Great Crested Newts are the larger of the three main UK species at over six inches long, whereas the Palmate and Smooth Newts only reach a maximum length of three and four inches respectively. So now you know. There's a lot of Newts in London...I expect they came to see Ken....which is nice. Canon EOS 5D
150 mm
100 ISO
1/200 sec
f 8
Flash: Fired