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Just how thick is the ice?
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Is the question I'm sure many of us ask when we find our local bodies of water covered, particularly when they remain covered for several days. I know that our small allotment pond had ice nearly an inch thick and we can see above that here at the reservoirs the ice was at least thick enough to support the weight of Mr or Ms Fox. Indeed just out of shot is rather more gruesome evidence of foxy's journey on to the ice, under the cover of darkness I assume. However, just up the road from LDNP Towers at Hollow Ponds a dog walker fell through the ice the other day whilst trying to rescue his dog which had skidded off the ice into an unfrozen section. Luckily for the dog walker our youngest and several of her friends were passing at the time and called the emergency services. It was clearly a quiet day down at 999 central as the call elicited five fire engines, three police cars, two ambulances and another two ambulance control units. They eventually found a rubber dingy and used this to save man and dog. So the answer, to my original question, is that in London it's almost certainly not thick enough. Canon EOS 40D
100 mm
400 ISO
1/500 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired