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Dead wood
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This ex-tree has fascinated me, photographically, for probably as long as I've lived hereabouts. A good twelve years then and yet this is its first appearance on LDNP. The challenge has always been that its best aspect places it against the sun and indeed viewing it with the sun behind one puts one in the cold wet water of Hollow Ponds. Maybe there should have been some fill flash to bring out some detail from the trunk but overall I think this works as an introduction. Anyway, hope everyone had a great break, thanks for all the comments, the snowy LDNP Oak Flash slide-show will remain in operation for a while yet for those that haven't been over and passed an hour or two waiting for the snow to stop. Clickety click! Canon EOS 5D
23 mm
200 ISO
1/400 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired