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Robin returns
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Some birds, the Greenfinches for example, appear in our garden every day of the year, others are random and occasional visitors whilst some are very definitely seasonal. The Robins seem to fall into this latter category. We've hardly seen them at all since soon after the nest-building back in February and March. Now, I'm glad to say, at least one of them is back and very friendly too.....happily chirruping at me from over a few inches away when I'm in the garden. North American readers may think that I am mistaken and that this is not a Robin. I can assure you that it is and that the American Robin is a very different and somewhat larger bird in the same family as the Thrush and Blackbird. It was named by early British settlers who thought the Robin was the bird that it most resembled. American Robins do occasionally make the trip to the UK on the back of a storm but don't usually last long. One was, of course, seen singing on Mary Poppins' London based finger in the film of the same name but since that also featured Dick Van Dyke and the world's worst cockney accent I don't think it can be considered a serious scientific reference. Canon EOS 40D
180 mm
1600 ISO
1/200 sec
f 5
Flash: Not Fired