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Great Crested Grebe hunting
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I know I've shown you Great Crested Grebes many times before but I like them, particularly watching them hunting fish. Their heads get closer and closer to the water before either a swift splashy dive or an almost ripple free immersion. For those interested in photographic techniques this shot represents a first for LDNP. It was very grey yesterday when I took this shot, as it often is in London through autumn, winter and even summer for that matter. This makes photographing birds at any distance somewhat tricky. Long lenses require either a very sturdy tripod which slows one down or high ISO speeds which degrade the photo quality. For normal photography low lighting would just mean you slide on a flash gun but these won't normally have the range required for use with a 400mm lens. Thus it was that I invested in the imaginatively named Flash X-Tender. It's actually just a plastic magnifying lens, two plastic arms and a strap of Velcro but it has the effect of increasing the range of one's flash gun. Yesterday was my first trial of the device and I have to say I'm rather impressed. There's still some technique to be perfected but without it there's no way I could have brought you the above photo. Canon EOS 40D
400 mm
400 ISO
1/250 sec
f 8
Flash: Fired