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The Backswimmer
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....has me mumbling this rather wonderful REM song, but that's another story. Yesterday I mentioned my like for the reflective effects of water. Today we learn of how the same effect (and removing it) interferes with one's photo. Seeing anything under the surface of the water is tricky unless one is anything other than close to directly above one's subject. The reflections which stop us seeing under the water can, as anyone who remembers the Polaroid sunglasses adverts from the 1970's will recall, be removed with a polarising filter enabling one a clear view to the bottom of the swimming pool (or pond). Obviously I always carry a polarising filter with me so it was a simple job to put one on the lens as soon as I spotted this Backswimmer. The trouble is I've ended up removing all of the surface reflections which make it seem as though the insect is hanging in space. Rats! The Backswimmer is nearly twice the size of the Water Boatman that we saw last week and is a hunter rather than the vegetarian/scavenger Boatman. Amazingly, for a creature that spends most of its life hanging underwater it also possesses wings which it uses to move from pond to pond and which explains how come it so quickly turned up in our new allotment pond. Canon EOS 40D
150 mm
400 ISO
1/250 sec
f 8
Flash: Fired