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The Emperor and the Common Blue
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We started the week with the Emperor Dragonfly looking most imperial on his reed but obviously that's not the full story and I always like a bit of revolution and sticking up for the little guy so the sight of this Common Blue Damselfly buzzing the Emperor on the reed caught my attention. Since Emperors will happily feed on Damselflies it was quite a risky (foolhardy?) thing to be doing. Nevertheless the Common Blue persisted and eventually the Emperor flew off leaving the perch for the Damselfly to occupy. Maybe the Damselfly had no idea of scale and just thought this was a rival Common Blue in his territory. What ever the reason upon visiting the pond a few days later I noticed several Common Blue Damselflies but no Emperor....perhaps he'd had enough of them buzzing him and sought out somewhere more peaceful instead? Canon EOS 40D
390 mm
400 ISO
1/800 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired