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Large Skipper
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You may remember how I was saying the other day that there seemed to be a real dearth of the normal mid-summer Dragonflies and Butterflies. Following this I thought I ought to spend some time looking really hard to see what I could find. I still didn't find much but at least I came across this one Large Skipper (though they're not large at all, well under an inch across, not really much larger than the Small Skippers and more easily distinguished, if you can get close enough, by the characteristic hooked end to their antennae). I also came across the Bee Orchid that I showed you yesterday and a few other treats to come but it still doesn't seem to be the usual numbers of species I'd be expecting to see by now. Obviously I'll keep looking..... Canon EOS 40D
150 mm
400 ISO
1/500 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired