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Young Blue Tit
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Someone was telling me the other day that they'd put a nesting box in their garden which this year had been used by some blue tits. The young birds were apparently having flying lessons which involved them starting from the fence on one side of his garden and being encouraged to jump off and follow their parents to the other side and then back again. He said he spent a couple of hours just watching these birds slowly gain confidence and technique in their flying until his son came up to him and asked him if he hadn't got anything better to do. "No, how can there be anything better than this?" he replied. I have to agree and though I haven't seen any flying lessons in our back garden this year but I did spend a happy few minutes standing at the back door watching this one working out which feeder most suited his needs. Canon EOS 40D
400 mm
400 ISO
1/250 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired