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Great Crested Grebe feeding young
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"Fish?! But I don't like fish...or mushrooms, or broccoli or broad beans or...." oh, no sorry, that's my kids. It was fascinating to watch dad Great Crested Grebe waving this fish at the young chicks on mum's back. They did peck at it and indeed two fell off in the process which is probably part of the learning process. Fear not, they all managed to get back on again and later when the mother apparently had a major itchy back (well you try carrying five kids on your back) and threw them all off, they just got on the father's back for a bit. I only wish the light had been better that day, I could have stayed watching and photographing them for hours. PS: I'm off to France for a short while to have a look at some alpine flowers and so in an attempt at a small degree of reciprocity, starting tomorrow we'll have a few days of photos of species that have come from other countries but managed to make London their home. Canon EOS 40D
400 mm
400 ISO
1/800 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired