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Courting Coots
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Well, it's a Saturday so what better than a bit of dancing.....not so different from us, are they (note to anyone that knows me, Yes, I know I've never been dancing in my life, that hasn't changed). After a bit of dancing, guess what they do next? Come back tomorrow for the answer.... Tufted Duck Noseclip UPDATE: I'm sure you all remember the photo of a Tufted Duck with a nose-clip that I showed you earlier in the week. I'm certain you also recall the discussion in the comments about the reason for using a nose-clip tag rather than a ring. Well, thanks to my old friend Tim (or as perhaps I should call him, my "younger than me and therefore very young indeed friend Tim whom I've known for well over 30 years") we now have an explanation. Tim contacted the British Trust for Ornithology to ask them if they could explain the reasoning behind our tagged Tufted Duck. They passed his enquiry on to to their colleagues in Europe as this is not an English tagged duck but rather a French one tagged as part of a sustainability project for the species as they face major hunting pressures there. Read the comments they left for LDNP here or visit their site that explains all about nasal saddling (as it's called) here. They explain that it is not harmful to the ducks and that as, suspected, the reasoning for this method is that tagged ducks can be identified from a distance unlike ringed birds which need to be captured. Thanks to Tim, Jez at the BTO and David Rodrigues of Portugal Ducks. Canon EOS 40D
400 mm
400 ISO
1/640 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired