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Bluebells again
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Well, a week on, I think the Bluebells are approaching their best so you get another shot of these in Wanstead Park. A drift of Bluebells is a wonderful sight but always something of a challenge to capture accurately on camera I find. With that in mind I'll add that I'm not toally happy with this one and may go back and try again.... And yes, that is graffiti sprayed on the tree to the right. I suppose we should be grateful that it isn't in a more jarring colour. I wonder how long it will even be visible? Probably not as long as carving one's initials into the tree but I suppose that fits well with today's society in which everything is pretty short-term and transitory. Canon EOS 40D
55 mm
200 ISO
1/80 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired