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Native Bluebell (1)
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I'm sure you remember me posting a photo of a Hybrid Bluebell a week or so ago and simultaneously bemoaned the absence of any Bluebell woods in London. Some of you may also have seen good Ham's reply that, actually, there was one in Wandstead Park which, luckily, is only a couple of miles away. Last Saturday morning Ham invited me to join him capturing some of them on camera. Hopefully you've already seen his excellent photo from the day and now you get to see the first of mine. Now, you may have noticed by now that I like getting close to things (in my photography, anyway). Bluebells aren't really the most beautiful flower for that sort of approach in my opinion but as it's what I do, that is where we will start. The next thing we probably have to mention is their colour and capturing it accurately. The Native species is typically a deep violet blue but can vary from pure white through a light blue to darker blues, violet and even occasionally a pink. The sample above shows that even a single flower can have several different hues in this range. Like much in the natural world their colour is also very much affected by the light they are seen in, this was in a shaft of early morning sun which is possibly the best way to see them. Bluebells have been notoriously difficult to capture accurately in the past (on film) but digital seems to make a pretty good job of it. Hopefully the colours you see are pretty much what we saw in Wanstead Park. More Bluebells tomorrow. Canon EOS 5D
150 mm
200 ISO
1/160 sec
f 4
Flash: Not Fired