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Robin's Nest Update
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....and that really should guarantee some completely erroneous search results! After I took the Robin nest building shots the week before last we went away for a few days and when we came back there was no sign of the Robins in the garden. I must admit we were starting to get a little worried that something had happened to them. They finally appeared again on Friday but it doesn't look like they're intending to use the nest they built here. I know Blackbirds and Wrens often build more than one nest before choosing which one to use first. maybe it's the same for Robins too. A shame as we were looking forward to seeing the littluns but I am relieved to now they are still about and maybe they will decide to use the nest at a later date. ..and yes, that red ribbon like twirl hanging out of the ivy is something Mr. or Ms. Robin rescued from a discarded Xmas decoration. Canon EOS 40D
275 mm
1600 ISO
1/500 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired