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Comments(6) # Cormorantry? london e17

As well as the Heronries, Walthamstow reservoir also has several islands that have been colonised by Cormorants. There must be something pretty toxic in their guano as there appears to be no living vegetation remaining on the islands they've adopted (it's not just because it's winter, they look this barren in summer too). Maybe it reminds them more of the rocky islands they'd usually be inhabiting if living on the coast. I heard on the radio the other day that until twenty years or so ago there were almost no inland Cormorant colonies in the UK but that although they're increasing at quite a steady rate the only species they really compete with on these newly colonised waterways is man, in the form of anglers. I assume this is because they're after relatively large fish and dive deep to get them unlike any of the more normal avian inhabitants of inland waterways. Any water stocked for anglers is thus, I assume, ideal for them. Canon EOS 40D
100 mm
400 ISO
1/2000 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired