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Comments(7) # Nest-building! london e10

Yep, not ship-building but nest building (see yesterday). Mrs. LDNP noticed one of the Robins flitting in and out of the ivy growing on the tree fern in our back garden. The smaller wild-birds quite often go in and out of this ivy to pick off insects but the repeated visits from the Red-breasts suggested this might be something more. By the time we saw lumps of moss, leaves and even small twigs going in we knew they were building a nest in there. Judging by the amount of material they've already taken in, it's going to be a pretty substantial dwelling. I could happily sit and watch them doing this all day. I suspect there may be more photos of this to come. Canon EOS 40D
330 mm
1600 ISO
1/500 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired