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Long Tailed Tit
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I've only ever seen Long Tailed Tits in our garden on one occasion a couple of years ago so it's alwsys special when I find one even vaguely close to home. This one and its mate were chattering loudly only a few feet away from me whilst I was trying to get some decent shots of the dancing Grebes I showed you a couple of days ago. Since the camera was mounted on a tripod at the time I couldn't easily swing the lens towards them without scaring them off so I just watched as the flitted through the branches seemingly unaware of my presence. The shot above came much later when the tripod had been packed away and I was about to head for home. It's always nice to get an extra shot when you think you've finished. Canon EOS 40D
340 mm
400 ISO
1/500 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired