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An absence of  Abscission
Comments(6) # An absence of Abscission london e11

I'm sure you'll remember the little "Son of Oak" that had kept all of its leaves. Some further research on my part has found that this is not uncommon in young trees although the reasons behind it are not fully understood. There is some discussion that it might serve as protection for a young tree as the leaves remain available for consumption by grazing animals that might otherwise eat the young tree itself. I'm not sure that makes sense as surely the grazer would just eat leaves and tree. An even stranger phenomenon is seen here. This photo is of a branch of the LDNP Oak and it still has this single branchlet with a few un-dropped leaves. Looking at other oaks I see that this isn't uncommon either. But what causes this lack of abscission? A mystery to me so far. Canon EOS 5D
40 mm
200 ISO
1/400 sec
f 4
Flash: Not Fired