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London Plane Tree Seeds
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What looks like some arboreal porn-broker's conference is of course actually the seed heads of the London Plane. I'll admit it's a bit tenuous, including these. You'll see London Plane Trees throughout London and the South East but they're definitely an introduced species, and a hybrid too. It's thought most likely to be a cross between an Oriental Plane and the American Plane (aka Buttonwood) and though we in the UK know it as the London Plane it is also known as the sycamore (conversely what we in England know as the sycamore is called the Plane in Scotland). Confused? You will be.... Anyway, their tenuosity is not through being an introduced species as much that has appeared here (including the oaks) were introduced at some point in the past. No, the thing about the London Plane is that though they seem to be most happy in our cities they rarely naturalize. Why? I'm not sure, perhaps the seedlings are really, really tasty. Canon PowerShot G9
44.4 mm
80 ISO
1/250 sec
f 4.8
Flash: Fired