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Fantastic Mister Fox
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...or even Foxy Loxy. Or Vulpes vulpes, so red they named him twice. But whichever, as promised yesterday, the third mammal to feature here at LDNP. I had been thinking last week that I hadn't seen our local allotment fox for a while and was going to dig out a photo of him from earlier in the year to show you and with that he showed up last Sunday just long enough for me to get out the camera. Seemed to have a mate with him too, though I didn't manange to get a shot of her. Bearing in mind this prediliction for things showing up when I think I haven't seen them recently I've been thinking that I haven't seen a Yeti, a Dodo or the Loch Ness Monster recently either....expect photos soon! Probably. Canon EOS 40D
400 mm
800 ISO
1/400 sec
f 6.3
Flash: Not Fired