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Oak Tree (7)
Comments(3) # Oak Tree (7) london e11

Yes, it's that Oak Tree again. We've had a couple of half-decent (photographically) frosts over the last few days so I thought I ought to go and see if they looked nice on the Oak. Due to some other other shooting possibilities I approached the tree from the opposite direction to usual and thought you might like to see how different it looked....that characteristic little offshoot branch that some find endearing and others untidy isn't even apparent from this slightly higher vantage point (and I can assure you it is still there and hasn't been snipped off!). Anyway, hope you like the alternative view. Tomorrow some winter plumage for one of my (and at least one of your's too) favourite little birds. Canon EOS 5D
40 mm
200 ISO
1/500 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired