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Bracket Fungus (2)
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....and the Oak theme continues. As Witchy suggested the other day the Oak seems to suffer from a lot of parasites. We've seen three different galls and two fungi already and somehow I missed showing you the dancing Green Oak Tortrix Moth caterpillar which I showed on the old blog a couple of years ago. This is another Bracket Fungus on an oak but notice that it too is being eaten from the right where its interior looks particularly fleshy. The dried slime around the fungus is a slug trail. This fungus was at least ten feet up the tree yet the slugs had slithered all the way up over the rough bark to munch their way through it. A few days later it was all gone. Notice also the texture of the underside of this fungi. We've already seen Stomach fungi where the spores are contained within the body of the fungus and only released when the fungi is split and the gills that we see on the most common mushroom species. The bracket fungi release their spores from pores or tubes. The honeycomb like structure we see here is those pores. Maybe next week I'll show you one with tubes. If it ever stops raining! Canon EOS 40D
150 mm
100 ISO
1/2 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired