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Oak Spangle Gall
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Well, we're still with the old oak trees and today we see another one of the galls which plague them. We saw the rather attractive Oak Marble Gall way back in the early days of LDNP which was followed by the Oak Apple Gall and now we have the Oak Spangle. It doesn't look much like a Spangle to me but that's probably because I think of a Spangle as a hard boiled sweet from my childhood. Anyway, another parasite with an interesting history is behind these galls. The wasp behind these spangles in late summer/autumn also causes a different sort of Gall (a Currant Gall) which hangs from the oak catkins in spring. So now you know. Tomorrow we'll go back to the oak tree itself which is looking somewhat sparse following the recent windiness. Canon EOS 5D
150 mm
200 ISO
1/8 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired