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Shaggy Parasol
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There was, as perhaps you'll recall, some discussion of a fungal foray, a toadstool toddle, maybe even a mushroom march after the first fungi photo. As a result Ham and I and our partners spent a pleasant hour or so walking in some woods looking for edible and photographable mycology. We went to a spot a little bit outside the London postcodes that I have decided to restrict LDNP to but found little of interest despite there being much there the day before according to Ham. Someone had clearly been there before us. So, imagine my double delight when I came across this little patch just down the road from LDNP towers. Apologies for the late posting today. I could claim it was because it was my birthday but it was actually down to Virgin Media disconnecting a large swathe of East London from their broadband service last night. Had it not been back on I was about to search out the modem lead and try some good old fashioned dial-up. After the last server inspired posting glitch I've been trying to keep a day or two ahead to avoid this sort of thing, typical that Virgin turn us off on the one day I'd slipped behind. Canon EOS 40D
150 mm
100 ISO
1/200 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired