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Greylag Goose
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The most often seen of the wild "Grey" geese seen in the UK and also, apparently, the ancestor of most of the domestic varieties. Don't let the pink feet make you think it's a Pink Footed Geese...they have a black and pink beak as well as the nominal pink feet. This one was shot in Hyde Park a few weeks ago whilst I was up that way. I try to keep photos here in season but lose many as they get pushed to the bottom of the pile by newer ones. I suspect there will be less of that over the next few months as subjects become harder to find. I shall try not to dig back into the summer left-overs, however, but may show seasonally accurate ones from previous years. Canon EOS 5D
285 mm
200 ISO
1/1000 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired