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Common Darter
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"But surely that's just another Ruddy Darter," I hear you saying. But no, this is a male Common Darter that I came across the other day enjoying this lovely early October sunshine. They do, at first glance, look very similar to Ruddy Darters but there are three main differences. Firstly, they're slightly larger (which is fine if one perfect specimen of each sit down side by side for's yet to happen for me). Secondly, the Ruddy Darter has all black legs whilst the Common Darter has yellow patches. You can rarely spot this without a photo and it isn't very clear in this one. Thirdly, the abdomen of the Ruddy Darter is more club shaped than the straighter body of the Common Darter (this I think you will be able to see if you click back to one of my Ruddy Darter photos). They're not quite as red now you know. Canon EOS 5D
150 mm
400 ISO
1/500 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired