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Emperor Dragonfly
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So, as I was saying yesterday, no Dragons up west at all. But we do still have a few around here. Just Emperors and Ruddy Darters now and not many of them either. It always surprises me that the Emperor seems to be the last species still around as it's also the largest by quite a margin (over three inches long) so presumably needs to eat a lot more insects every day to keep going. Added to this is the fact that, unlike the darters, it rarely spends just about all the sunlit hours prowling and eating on the wing. This habit of not perching anywhere photogenic is the main reason I haven't managed to get any photos of an emperor this year. This one was snapped a couple of years ago and is very probably the granddad of those I'm seeing this year. PENTAX *ist D
105 mm
400 ISO
1/350 sec
f 5.6
Flash: Not Fired