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As promised yesterday, one of our largest (well, tallest at least) local birds, the terror of the ornamental fish pond and frog-kind, the Grey Heron (a juvenile, in this case). As well as being fascinating to watch when they're slowly stalking a fish or frog Herons have a special place in my heart for without them I would possibly have not discovered one of my favourite local wildlife haunts and indeed probably not gone on to start this blog. For one day when driving home a Heron flew out in front of me from what I had previously believed to be a just a small strip of scrubby land at the side of the road less than amile away from home. Having seen the Heron, I investigated further to find an overgrown former boating lake and surrounding land which has since become my favourite bolt-hole and indeed the home to most of the Dragons and Butterflies that feature on this page. Canon EOS 5D
330 mm
400 ISO
1/800 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired