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What Butterflies do in the rain (1): Head up
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It's been raining an awful lot around here since I came back from Corfu. So much so that I was starting to get worried about what to show you since wildlife (and me) tends to hide itself away in the rain. Then I remembered showing you what Bumblebees did when caught in a shower and wondered if I could find what butterflies did under the same conditions. Here's the first, a Gatekeeper that has found several plants growing underneath a tree to shelter from. Bizarrely its usually good colouring of brown has proved somewhat useless as a camouflage as it's chosen the only red plant in the vicinity to sit on. Tomorrow we'll have the next photo in the Wasp Spider series...though there aren't actually any Wasp Spiders in view. Canon EOS 5D
150 mm
400 ISO
1/320 sec
f 4
Flash: Not Fired